• Project Name: SIG Air Separation Unit
  • Project Name: HTCG 3-Storey Commercial
    Warehouse Building
  • Project Name: CIGI ISP OFFICE

Insite Construction Co., Inc. (ICC, Inc.)

ICC is an incorporated construction firm registered with the Philippine Contractors Association Board (PCAB). Established in 2004, our areas of specialization are, in land development and general construction of commercial and industrial projects (construction or renovation / expansion of office, school and commercial buildings, manufacturing and industrial plants, warehouses, gas stations and the like).

While we only have been in business for more than 10 years, the founders however, have a combined experience of more that 50 years in the construction industry.

Mission To Our Clients

To provide the best service that a client deserves from start to finish. Best service will be defined by our client. Happy and satisfied clients will be pursued and will always be our primary goal.

Why Hire Us?

Quality of Work

We are committed to providing the best service. Pleased clients can attest to this. You are assured that management remains on top of the project from start to finish. You can trust and rely on our name because our track record and credibility are important to us. Client reference available on request.

Safety Standards

Our years in business with our multinational clients has led us to adopt international safety standards. We have trained and experienced safety engineers on-site to guarantee zero-accident at all times. This allows you the peace of mind you truly deserve.

Timely Completion and Delivery of Projects

We believe time is valuable to you. We are committed to optimize the cost and duration of the project, with respect to plan specifications, estimates and completion dates. You can count on us to create an efficient and professional working relationship with your architects and designers as well.

Value For Money

Our years in the industry; our technical expertise; constant knowledge and technology upgrading and an efficient on-site management and administration group make us more than capable to handle your projects. Furthermore, since we retain a lean organization we have lower overhead cost, which ultimately translates to better pricing of services. Clearly, an advantage that will definitely benefit you.

Long Term Partership

We believe profitability is important to the long-term survival of our business... So is yours. One time financial gain will never be our goal. We aim to maintain relationships with valuable business partners for life.

Corporate and Community Responsibility

We will never compromise both our names. Only capable, professional and committed people will supervise your project. In addition, we will take into account the community and its govemment in which we work with.